Faculty of Dental Medicine


The idea of establishing the School of Dentistry was placed on the agenda yet the creation of professional associations of dentists in Bulgaria - Bulgarian Dental Association / Dental Association.

In 1921, a meeting with the Minister of Education with representatives of the Dental Association and the Medical Faculty leads to the following decision:

  • Dental education is obtained at the Medical Faculty, Department of dentists.
  • The training period is four years.
  • Theoretical training is carried out with medical students.
  • Successful graduates graduate with a title "doctor of dentistry.

This decision takes place only in 1942 when the Decree № 32 Tsar Boris III of changing the Law on Public Education and created three new departments at the Medical Faculty: Conservative Dentistry, Operative Dentistry and orthodontics to the dental technician. Thus is formed department "dental" in the first Head Dr. David Slavcho.

In 1950, the Decree № 542 of the National Assembly, dental department at the Medical Academy - Sofia is converted to Dentist, to emphasize the improved and increased training of medical students. Only one year later - in 1951 Dental Department became independent in the Dental Faculty.

From 2007 Dental Faculty - Sofia was renamed the Faculty of Dental Medicine.


Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia has 8 departments, construction of which is in line with modern development of dental science and practice:

  • Department of Conservative Dentistry;
  • Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine;
  • Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery;
  • Department of Children's dentistry;
  • Department of Orthodontics;
  • Department of Diagnostic Imaging and oral;
  • Department of Periodontology;
  • Department of Public dental health.

Number of Employees

The Faculty of Dental Medicine work eight professors, 17 associate professors and 117 assistants. Nurses, dental technicians, administrative, technical and support staff are 259.

Sources of funding:

1. Subsidies from the state budget - to be determined each year budget is approved by the rector of Sofia University, and Education;

2. Own revenues:

  • revenues from research, consulting expertise, remedial action;
  • revenue from tuition fees;
  • Postgraduate;
  • other activities related to teaching.

Material and technical base

Lecture teaching students in basic dental specialties are conducted in two auditoriums equipped with modern audio-visual equipment for presentations, demonstration, and for theatrical motion picture and video. Translation by video students can monitor and other operational techniques in maxillofacial region.

Preclinical seminars are held in 12 seminar rooms and a research laboratory. Each of them has the necessary equipment, diaproektori demonstration, slides, microscopy, microscopes and related technical equipment.

For the phantom course available to students phantom are 5 rooms with 52 separate working mesta.Tezi rooms are equipped with modern phantom heads, micromotor, turbine handpieces and specific tools to enable reproduction of a real clinical situation, ensuring the preparation of student for its future work with patients.

Clinical sessions are conducted in 20 clinical rooms with 182 separate working pit equipped with dental Unity and operating an ambulatory zala.Ulesnenie for students in their clinical work is possible to use the laboratories for microbiological, histomorfologichni and clinical research and diagnostic radiology. Have permanent access to the physiotherapy department with apparatus for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
Students have the technique and 4 laboratories, 1 and 1 learna plaster room, where a plaster cast models made prosthetic constructions and orthodontic appliances.

Mission and Goals

Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia is required:To maintain and develop academic and professional autonomy;Provide and encourage the development of professional knowledge and dental science;
Ensuring decent career to its students;To inspire humanity and responsibility and never-ending interest in improving future dentists.
The mission of the department is directed to public needs and expectations.

The main objective of establishing a faculty of professionals - dentists who are able to successfully apply in the real social environment, knowledge and skills to protect, restore and enhance the dental health of the population.

In accordance with its mission and main goal for the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia stand following specific goals and objectives for quality preparation of graduating dentists:

1. Have a basic understanding, biological, behavioral and medical sciences, on which build modern health care and its storage.
2. To practice dentistry in all its volume - complete care for patients without being detrimental to himself or the environment.
3. Understand the questions of ethics and morality dental responsibilities in respect of the individual patient and society as a whole.
4. Treated according to needs and to participate with other dentists in setting achievable targets for the reduction of oral disease in society.
5. Have knowledge of the etiology, principles of biological processes at the molecular level, pathogenesis, demographic features, prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.
6. Be familiar with the pharmacology of directly and indirectly associated with dentistry and medicines to understand their application to common diseases with manifestation in the oral cavity. Can prescribe appropriate medication for the treatment of dental diseases.
7. Have knowledge of biomaterialnite sciences, as required by the dental practice.
8. To practice within the ethical and medical legal requirements of the organization to which they belong.
9. To provide controls against cross infection and protect against chemical, physical and biological contamination.
10. To apply the full range of modern methods of pain control and fear in patients in the dental office work.
11. To realize the importance of continuing professional development and training for adequate progress in all areas of dental practice.
12. As a representative of the proportion of medical science dentist to participate in health promotion with special responsibilities in relation to oral health.
13. On completion of training the dentist should be able to objectively assess the quality of his work.
14. Be able to analyze current scientific literature and apply research findings in the treatment of dental patients.

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