Faculty of Law


Law Faculty of Sofia University was founded in 1892 to meet the growing needs of the young Bulgarian state by lawyers. Currently Dean of the Faculty is Prof. Tencho Kolev.

The first program of the faculty approved August 24, 1892 speakers are Associate Hristo Stoyanov (Civil Law), Vasil Marinov (criminal law), Peter Danchev (Roman Law), George Sgurev (criminal law), Vasil Baldjiev (history of the Bulgarian law ), Marko Balabanov (Roman-Byzantine law).

In 1902 the Academic Council shall decide on the establishment of the following 11 departments:

  • Roman Law,
  • History of Slav and Bulgarian law,
  • Public and Administrative Law
  • Political Economy
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Process
  • International public and private international law
  • Philosophy and encyclopedic law
  • Civil Law
  • Business Law and Civil Procedure,
  • Financial Sciences,
  • Statistics.

Courses are conducted in canon law, military law, forensic medicine and others.

After the integration of Sofia University and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences have established faculties in five sectors:

  • Theory and History of State and the Law
  • Administrative law and government
  • International Law and International Relations,
  • Civil Law and
  • Criminal Law.

In 1993 it was decided by the Academic Council of the University of introducing in International Relations from the academic year 1993-4.

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